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Fairfax Connector Announces Service Changes Effective May 16

Of the 23 Fairfax Connector routes being changed, the following twelve offer service in the Reston area:

RIBS 1, RIBS 3 – Hunters Woods-Lake Anne

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7000-Series Cars from Nebraska Debuted April 14, 2015

For paying customers, the maiden voyage of the new 7000-series rail cars on the Blue line began at the Franconia-Springfield station. Partially manufactured in the Kawasaki Motors plant in Lincoln, Nebraska, these railcars are a significant step forward in both safety and rider comfort. With their cool, brushed stainless steel exteriors, slip-resistant flooring, ergonomically engineered seats and digital signage, they are a quantum leap from the 1970s-era vehicles they will replace.

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Comments Sought on VTrans 2040 Vision Plan Draft

The Commonwealth of Virginia is currently updating its statewide long-range multimodal transportation plan. The plan, known as VTrans2040, is being developed by the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI) in partnership with:

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Reconstruction on Metrorail Will Continue Through the Weekend November 21-23

Reconstruction of the Metrorail system will continue over the weekend of November 21-23. Information on the Orange, Red, and Blue Lines are below: 

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Veterans Day Concert on the National Mall, November 11

On Veterans Day, Tuesday November 11, a major concert will be held on the National Mall that could draw up to 800,000 attendees -- larger than July 4 and many Presidential Inaugurations. In order to safely and efficiently provide rail service for as many riders as possible, Metro will make several service adjustments to maximize train capacity. For more information about this event, please see the Concert for Valor website.

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Metro: Silver Line ridership remains strong, September 24, 2014

Metro today provided updated Silver Line ridership information showing that, less than two months after opening, the new line is already performing at 60 percent of its projected ridership for the end of the first full year of service. As of last week, an average of 15,000 riders are entering the system at the five new Silver Line stations on weekdays for a combined 30,000 trips to or from the new stations.

In the planning process, Silver Line ridership was projected to reach 25,000 boardings at the five new stations after one full year of service.

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