Silver Line Parking Garage Tips

Silver Line Parking Garage Tips

The Washington Post’s Robert Thompson’s article Navigating Silver Line garage can be confusing focuses on some of the major issues that daily commuters are experiencing with Silver Line parking garage at the Wiehle-Reston East station. There is one garage that splits into two sections at the entrance – one public and one private. A significant difference between the public Metro garage and the private parking lot are the payment rules. Below are highlighted features of the article that could be convenient for your commute:

Public Fairfax County Metro Parking Lot

  • At the garage entrance, look for the Metro Park & Ride directional arrows.
  • The Fairfax County side of the Wiehle Avenue garage has seven parking levels.
  • Most of the top five levels are reserved parking until 10am. After 10am, the reserved spaces become available to all users.
  • The bottom two levels are for general parking and do not require the $65/month reserved parking fee.
  • Do not take a ticket as you enter the Fairfax County section of the garage – pay with a SmartTrip or credit card as you exit.
  • The Fairfax County garage is free on weekends and holidays.

Private Park X Parking Lot

  • At the garage entrance, look for the Park X directional arrows.
  • The Park X garage requires payment all day, seven days a week, while the county garage is free on weekends and holidays.
  • Take a ticket as you enter the private garage. Pay the parking fee at a pay station before returning to your vehicle. 

General Information

  • To get into the Wiehle Avenue garage from the Dulles Toll Road, drivers need to go past the re-entry lane for the Toll Road and turn left at Reston Station Boulevard.
  • The two parking lots also share the same entryway. When drivers are entering this facility, the signs and pavement arrows will direct you to the correct parking lot – Metro Park & Ride or Park X.
  • Cars must avoid “buses only” entrance
  • Kiss & Ride traffic needs to go all the way down to the end of the garage and make a left at the Reston Station Boulevard traffic light. After the turn, get in the right lane and look for signs.
  • For bike commuters, the entrance to the sheltered area for bike parking is a doorway on Reston Station Boulevard between the portals for vehicles.


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